Clean Label is a conceptual exhibition where visitors learn about the impact their favorite clothing brands have on the world.

Student project

Experience Design


Cam Coupe
Nate Chang
Julie Kim

Fashion is controversial — while it is a medium for artistic and self-expression, it is also an industry with many negative truths concealed from the general public. Realizing the complications of the topic, we wanted to approach our concept with care. For the young folks, Clean Label is a guided experience that helps visitors learn about clothing brands and instills intentional thinking into buyer habits without conflicting heavy guilt or burden.

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Choose Your Brand Instead of grabbing laundry pods, visitors get to choose the brands they want to learn about in the form of tokens. The brands are organized in price ranges.

Wash Cycle The token activates an interactive experience on these washer screens.  Videos, photos, and reading excerpts detail the good and the bad about the brand.

Dry Cycle
While the Wash Cycle focuses specifically on brands, The dryers consist t-shirts that touch base on the general issues surrounding the fashion industry. 

Fluff ‘n Fold
Visitors can bring a t-shirt over to the folding station, where they can learn more about how to take care of the clothing they own. Pretty sure everyone needs a refresher on how to properly fold clothes too, no?

Join the Loyalty Program
After the laundry experience, we have iPads set up to join our loyalty program. Visitors can directly voice their concerns about certain brands and issues by filling out our email templates.

We had a vision of mood lights and having the laundromat be a dream-like, retro-futuristic experience. Through photography and videography, our exhibition came to life. We captured compositions at a local laundromat, and with the right colorgrading, we were able to achieve the perfect pink and blue hues.