Event App

Project Type
UX & UI — App
Case Study

Areas of Interest
Media & Culture

In collaboration with
Ksenia Ivanova

** In progress. Check back for updates!

We are working on an app concept that helps organize, personalize, and enhance experiences for large-scale events. Often with multiple dates, locations, and schedules, such events can get hectic for attendees to coordinate and navigate. 

  • For events that are generally bigger — festivals, conferences, conventions — with multiple dates + locations + events
  • For event goers to have a curated and enjoyable experience
  • For event planners to create an organized + simplified all-in-one guide
  • A standardized app that allows all events to be accessible on one platform
  • To have completely offline and downloadable content/packs to ensure a seamless experience in wayfinding and scheduling
  • To eliminate the need to have multiple (mediocre) one-time use event apps per event