Turning 40 in 2018, VFA held a gala for the Seattle community in celebration of hope, resilience, and triumph.


Print design

Vietnamese Friendship Association (now known as Kandelia) is a non-profit organization that serves Seattle's immigrant and refugee families through a multitude of services such as civic engagement, early learning, and youth development, to only name a few. An annual gala is held to raise funds and awareness for the projects, and to celebrate their accomplishments with the community.

I had the opportunity to develop the event’s visual identity and print collateral: invitations, posters, and a 24-page event book. The booklet highlights and features stories and work by the staff, vendors, and local artists that contributed to the event.

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Event identity
The brand is whimsical and celebratory, utilizing fresh colors that emphasize diversity in both cultural and generational identities.

The gala held a special panel with author Thi Bui, where she spoke about her memoir, The Best We Could Do. I had the honor of incorporating Thi’s chosen artwork into the poster and booklets. In turn, her peach tones and black linework would carry over into how I approached the rest of the event’s visuals.